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Dormer Asia Consulting offers business and sales development services to fit a wide range of businesses. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and how we can work for you.


Where to invest?

With years of experience in Europe and Asia, we can help you identify and choose the right markets to take your business to the next level. At Dormer Asia Consulting, we combine our insights to help you select your expansion priorities. We’re proud to help shape how SMEs equip themselves for their business opportunities in Asia.

How to invest?

Have you identified your opportunity? Need help planning or executing your move? Let us help you with Strategic and Tactical Planning services. Most organisations do well operating in their own market, but the opportunity today is global and Asia is its engine. In a rapidly evolving business environment we help you plan and execute each step with insights and enthusiasm.

Leverage our network

Dormer Asia Consulting is your address in Asia for business development needs. We will execute the marketing and sales activities required to ensure your success.
Our network reaches most of Asia, operating with a global perspective and a local flavour, supporting each step with clear actions and full transparency so you can measure your success step by step.


We believe SMEs are the business world’s most valuable asset

We work with Medium and Small companies who are centres of excellence, have the will to expand their opportunities in Asia and reap the rewards of a carefully planned expansion.We work with Medium and Small companies who are centres of excellence, have the will to expand their opportunities in Asia and reap the rewards of a carefully planned expansion.


Asia offers unlimited opportunities, we focus on these four core areas


Many Small and Medium businesses in the manufacturing sector are the worlds most innovative companies, providing state of the art products and technologies. Asia’s growing consumer class is a huge opportunity, however we experience every day that the consumption models will be different and ever changing. We help manufacturers position their offering in Asia in many manufacturing segments, from chemical to shipping.


One of the biggest growth engines is the massive Urbanisation process happening in multiple parts of Asia. Civil engineering, architecture, interior design firms from Europe can leverage our extensive network to find opportunities of a lifetime, with hundreds of projects continuously ongoing and trillions of dollars to be invested over the next decades. Pairing offer and demand in this area is what we aim to do, with a portfolio of firms represented who cover a wide spectrum in design and engineering.


With rapid urbanisation in multiple parts of Asia, building density has increased for both residential and commercial. Italy has an established domestic safety and security industry with a reputation for high quality products, and Italian production is well distributed across the various security equipment product categories. Partnering with system integrators across Asia, we bring a real-time management access control system, networkable intercoms and web-based solutions that allow the authorised residents and vehicles in and the rest out.


Italian Food & Wine plays an important part in the country’s identity and culture. Italian wine has been produced for over 4,000 years and had become a part of Italian ‘everyday’ lifestyle. Italy is the biggest wine producer, if not, top 2 in the world and maintains high quality with IGT, DOC and DOCG. Italian food has a strong tradition too. We aim to provide the Italian lifestyle for food and wine for the consumers with our partners in Asia.

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